The token economy shown below is final. The airdrop distribution amount was much lower than 4,500 VOX2.0 and the difference was immediately burned.
Vox Finance (ticker: $VOX2.0) is an ERC-20 token that is live on the Arbitrum mainnet since 28th February 2023.
  • Total supply: 45,000 VOX2.0
    • 4,500 VOX2.0 is used for initial liquidity.
    • 4,500 VOX2.0 (or less) is distributed to existing token holders.
    • The remaining amount (36,000 VOX2.0) will be distributed as follows:
      • 9,000 VOX2.0 (20.0 %) → staking contract,
      • 13,500 VOX2.0 (30.0 %) → liquidity mining contract,
      • 11,250 VOX2.0 (25.0 %) → marketing and operations wallet,
      • 2,250 VOX2.0 (5.0 %) → team (vested for 1 year)
  • Emissions rate: cca. 24.65 VOX per day → no additional minting, emissions will automatically end after 4 years
  • Tax rate: 4.0% / 4.0% on each buy and sell
The team allocation will be linearly vested for one year. The marketing allocation will be kept on a secure multi-sig with a 2-of-3 signing policy.
The staking pool and liquidity mining pools are set to distribute rewards over 4 years. With this assumption, the inflation is set to 100 %, meaning the supply will double in the first year. Modest projections with 100 % circulating VOX2.0 staked put the APR at 70 %.
Initial market capitalization was $45,000. The fully diluted valuation was set at most $600,000.
Existing token holders on Ethereum that were actively following the project and wanted to contribute to the initial liquidity of VOX2.0 were airdropped tokens on Arbitrum. This happened on 28th February 2023. No further airdrops were made.